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While the motivation for this site sprang from an interest in the curious (sometimes perplexing) discrepancy between advertised images and those products as served, there is no motivation or desire to misrepresent any particular product.  The What You Really Get selections are random.  We do not order a bunch of items just waiting for a bad example to be served to us.  What we get the first time is what goes up. Furthermore, the comparative photos are not intended to critique of the quality or taste of any given product.

Method - The comparative photos are of normally prepared (no extras or deletions from the standard preparation) products photographed directly after ordering.  Frequently the comparative photo is taken in the restaurant or fast food store with little time transpiring between purchase and photo.  Care is always taken to make sure that the food item's construction is not altered as it is unwrapped or taken out of the box.  The best possible angle and composition is presented so as to best represent the intended construction of the food item.

Photos - The photos are taken with a standard digital camera, usually set on Macro.   Sometimes photos of promotional pictures are taken from menu reader boards or from window advertisements, or desktop screen shots are taken.

Participation/Adding Photos - If you would like to add photos of your own, you are encouraged to submit them to us through e-mail.  Individual submissions will be posted if they are deemed to be undistorted photos. Individual submitters are responsible for their own photos and should not provide false samples.  That is, they should not manipulate an item simply so it looks better or worse than presented by the business.  Providing manipulated photos would be dishonest and potentially libelous.  If you submit photos you are solely responsible for the veracity of those photos and you accept the responsibility therein.

In order to submit your own photos for inclusion in the site, please provide the following information:

1. Name of restaurant. 
2. Name and description of food item.
3. Time and place purchased. 
4. Photo of item.
5. Photo of promotional/advertising image of same food item.

6. Your name 

You can email them to: BobCarriker @